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. a german traveler i described the scene in as idyllic while in 1840 immigrant called it a prairie land. a year after lamarr visit, thomas bell wrote on his brother, i must consider this the most beautiful country i ever saw yet what i've seen. the most beautiful lands i've ever be held or ever expected. james jones in 1839 letter to lamarr expressed equal enthusiasm. we are marching through a beautiful country. it is rarely if at the witness i imagine in any other part of the american continent. mirabeau lamarr, politician, farmer, adventure and military hero was also a poet. one imagine him regarding the stunning beauty before and as he looked down the hill towards the colorado river. perhaps he composed in diverse as he gazed upon the woodlands and prairies straddling the waterway. small hills in the foreground were crowns of object, and home and live oak trees. thickets of dogwood, hackberry, elm and live oak blended the river bottom. framing his the word to beautiful streams of clearwater. in the short span of three years, mirabeau lamarr have escaped personal despair, obscurity an
was a knife sharpener as the parents were immigrants. it had a special place in my heart. to see the way it has been portrayed over the years with films and media, i thought i would write about the city some way to take the form of a novel but around the beginning of 2009 with the world economy would collapse then detroit in particular all on the verge of bankruptcy and went back to roving stowed as a features writer to write to the article just about the auto industry. while i was back there i saw a journalist coming from all over the world to look at detroit as a metaphor for everything that had gone wrong. some would come for one day or to what i thought was a superficial portrait. as a native eyes started to think how i could bring more nuance to the story to spend some time they're not only read about the most of the is dark side of what goes wrong in post industrial city but the weirdness it is a very strange in darkie anthony place but also those who used to live there. a lot of the photos are shots of old factories abandon 40 or 50 years you never see the people i wanted to hayin
in federal traction leading to the passage of reactionary sterilization and immigration laws. for the most part the dominant relationship between eugenics and contemporary genomics is that the former can be neatly circumscribed within a particular historical era, that of the. roughly between 1900-1930, and that any residual effects of its legacy can be attributed to a few individual scientists who continue to search for the biological inferiority of women, blacks and other minority groups, or even to no that expected parents who want quote unquote designer children. i depart from this ideal by casting eugenics as an early example of heredity capacity to shift public debate away from material and social inequities to the pathologies of particular bodies. during the progressive era, the scientific worldview of eugenics cast of biological science of salvation from the extreme poverty, civil unrest and overall exploitation associate with internationalization. the major consequences of the industrial revolution so the narrative with were really the product of unfit reading. a particular signifi
for the history of the english-speaking peoples since 1900. she recounted her family's immigration to the united states on booktv. >> it was difficult to register an emotional voicebox, but uncle frank said he thought he was caught up in something he had no way of understanding and it is not true, they can put you in prison, you have a visa and you have papers. did you tell them how long we had been coming here. uncle frank asked uncle joseph to put the officer on the phone again and he is going to call, the officer said. he can't, heat 81 years old, he is an old man. uncle frank been asked if he could speak to my uncle one last time. cbp officers said we are to have a translator for him and hung up. at 11:00 p.m., but uncle was given chips and soda and again in 1145, he signed a form saying that his personal property was returned to him. this includes the money plus the wristwatch and i received my phone call and that 4:20 a.m., my own was transported to the detention area and by then my uncle wrapped the blanket he was given tightly around him as he curled in a fetal position on the cement bed
by our forefathers in immigrating from europe. [laughter] >> in one community sure police ordeals' carry the water to the church square at 430 on the afternoon on the first of august. immediately the local bell ringers some of the population. the british teacher describes the effect. it seemed that suddenly the old tocsin had returned to haunt us. no one spoke for a long while. some more out of breath among others down with shock, many still carrying pitchforks and their hands. the women asked, what can it mean, what is going to happen to us? wives, children, husbands, all were overcome by english and emotion. the wives come to the arms of their husbands with children seeing and others weeping and started to cry as well. most of the men resorted to a kafir to discuss the practical issue of how the artist was to be gutted. then the the young and even the not so young boarded the trains and went to join the army's. winston churchill wrote after it was all over cannot know part of the great work in pairs and interest with its opening, the measured, sunland, drawing together a gigantic force
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5